Uncle Steve's 90th Birthday Party

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17 December 2006
Lancellotta's Banquet Restaurant, North Providence, Rhode Island


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Dave's Pictures

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Italian colors
Uncle Steve and Sons
Uncle Mike sings
"What A Wonderful World"
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Sal and Aunt Rose with Uncle Steve.jpg (450023 bytes)
Aunt Mary reads a birthday poem
from Uncle Tony
Tributes from daughter Linda and Aunt Rose
Uncle Steve and children.jpg (503442 bytes)
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Uncle Steve and children 2.jpg (481027 bytes)
Uncle Steve and children
Great Grandfather
Uncle Steve and children
Uncle Steve and family 1.jpg (625695 bytes)
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Uncle Steve and family 3.jpg (586385 bytes)
The Steve Parisi Family
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Uncle Steve and Dave.jpg (406845 bytes)
Dave Uncle Steve MaryBeth 2.jpg (228007 bytes)
Father/Daughter dance
Uncle Steve and Dave
Greetings from a documentary filmmaker
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Terry Angela MaryBeth.jpg (530377 bytes)
Mary Beth and Steve.jpg (369584 bytes)
Tim and Terry
Terry, Angela, and Mary Beth
Mary Beth and Steve
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Joe and Joyce.jpg (417368 bytes)
Judi and Dave
Lori and Dave
Joe and Joyce
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Mike, Dave, Paul, and John
Joe documenting the festivities
Super centerpieces by Rob


Marie's Pictures

Connie Aunt Mary Uncle Steve.jpg (342745 bytes) Aunt Josephine Uncle Steve.jpg (364006 bytes) Connie Uncle Steve Reina.jpg (329867 bytes)
Connie, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Steve Aunt Josephine and her kid brother Connie, Uncle Steve, and Reina
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Tributes from siblings, nephews, children and grandchildren
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Sal Aunt Rose Uncle Steve.jpg (358558 bytes) Steve and Kristina.jpg (342365 bytes) Aunt's Lorraine and Mary.jpg (285694 bytes)
Aunt Rose roasts Uncle Steve Steve, Kristina and children Aunts Lorraine and Mary
Paul Audrey Aunt Rose.jpg (288973 bytes) Uncle Vinnie Aunt Annie.jpg (350170 bytes) Uncle Mike Aunt Betty Jacquie Harry.jpg (351630 bytes)
Paul, Audrey, and Aunt Rose Uncle Vinnie and Aunt Annie
Uncle Mike and Aunt Betty,
Jacquie and Harry
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Sal and Marie Joe and Mary Gen, John, and Anita
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Sal and Laura Ron, T.J., and Mike Rosemary and Joe


Mary Beth's Pictures

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Aunt Mary and Joe B.jpg (345542 bytes)

Uncle Steve & Aunt Mary.jpg (278657 bytes)

Aunt Mary, Anita, and Aunt Josephine

Aunt Annie and Joe

Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary

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Uncle Steve and "the kids"

Mike, Lori and Dave

Judi and Dave

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