From Cousin Terrie's kitchen:


Fruit Platter & Dip
bulletWhole Fresh Pineapple
bullet2 3 pints Fresh Whole Strawberries
bullet Cantaloupe
bullet Honey Dew Melon
bullet Watermelon (Seedless)
bullet2 small clusters Red Grapes
bullet1 2 cans Chunk Pineapple
bullet1 large can Crushed Pineapple
bullet1 pint Sour Cream
bullet1 package Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
bulletToothpicks, sturdy (not the little ones)


Prepare the dip: Drain crushed pineapple, then add to sour cream & pudding. Mix well. Set aside to chill, until ready to serve (Tupperware).

Slice the top off the whole pineapple. This is then laid on it's side as a decorative part of the platter. Scoop out the interior of the whole pineapple, saving fresh pineapple to mix with your chunks for the platter. This scooped out pineapple is now the holder of your dip.

Slice, cube, or ball the melons and arrange around pineapple. Do same with grapes, strawberries, & pineapple chunks. Pile high. You can always throw a few blueberries in for some deep color.

Just before you serve it, add the pineapple dip to the center of your cored-out pineapple.

It's very easy, makes a wonderful centerpiece and is delicious!