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This year we celebrate our Parisi heritage as well as our Ragno roots. After all, we are all Ragnos as much as we are Parisis (only that we only use our Parisi name). Because we are a combination of Parisi and Ragno, this year's reunion design utilizes an art technique which combines the Parisi name with the Ragno name: The Ambigram.
An Ambigram (ambi- : both + -gram : letter) is defined in John Langdon's book Wordplay as "words that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point." Langdon goes on to note that "each ambigram represents a kind of simultaneity in that two things occupy the same space at the same time." in this case, the name Parisi with the name Ragno.
Using the automatic Ambigram Generator developed by Mark Hunter found at, a design for the name Parisi was integrated with the name Ragno, so that when you turned the name "Parisi" upside-down, you would see the name "Ragno." Placing the inverted "Parisi" ("Ragno") design at the end of the "Parisi" design, formulated a new combined "Parisi Ragno" design which reads exactly the same right-side up and upside down.
Completing the design is the use of a Roman-style font called Ramona. Also, just for fun and added interest (and to make people ask questions?), the traditional way of expressing the year 2013 was replaced with its Roman Numeral counterpart, MMXIII.


The Parisi ambigram with the name Parisi reading left to right, and the name Ragno embedded within, upside-down.
The Parisi ambigram design turned 180
to spell Ragno from left to right.
The combined Parisi and Ragno designs,
which reads exactly the same right-side up,
or when turned 180
Note: Our thanks to Mark Hunter at Because our use of his ambigram design on our reunion products is for "personal use" and sold without profit "at cost," he has waived the usual "reseller license" fee. Please check out his site, and use his Ambigram Generator to create some fun and interesting designs for your own words and names at