Early photographs of Michele and Antonina (first generation)

Wedding-1913.jpg (71067 bytes) NONNA-1913.jpg (63523 bytes) nonna-nonno-1916.jpg (227488 bytes)
1913 Wedding Photograph
Antonina (Ragno) & Michele Parisi
Antonina (Ragno) Parisi, 1913
Nonna (Antonina) & Nonno (Michele), 1916
Nonna-1921.jpg (50503 bytes) Nonno-and.jpg (70400 bytes) NunzioRagnoAntoninaOlivo.jpg (313527 bytes)
1921—Antonina, age 27,
young mother of four children
Michele Parisi and
Tony Ammendolia's father, Joe
Nonna's Parents
Antonia Olivo and Nunzio Ragno
Nonna - Jan 1967.jpg (536527 bytes) Antonina-Olivo-Ragno.jpg (185650 bytes) NunzioRagno.jpg (155146 bytes)
Nonna - January 1967
Antonia Olivo Ragno
Nunzio Ragno
GiovanniRagno-3.jpg (150275 bytes) GiovanniRagno-young.jpg (122043 bytes) MariaRagnoGiovanniPuleo.jpg (183385 bytes)
Nonna's brother, Giovanni Ragno
(photo is from his obituary)
Young Giovanni Ragno
Nonna's sister, Maria (Ragno), and
her husband Giovanni Puleo
NonnoA1.jpg (218824 bytes) NonnoB1.jpg (418405 bytes) NonnoB2.jpg (160676 bytes)
Michele Parisi (Nonno)
(Year unknown)
Nonno at work in barbershop
(Year unknown)
Detail of Nonno in barbershop


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Unidentified persons (Family?)
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Early family photographs (second generation)

FAMILY-1921.jpg (109412 bytes) Josephine-baby.jpg (63744 bytes) NunzioJosSteve.jpg (172797 bytes)
The 1921 Parisi Family
Antonina & Michele, with
Stefano, Antonino, Annunzio, and Giuseppina
(Steve, Tony, Nunz, and Josephine)
Baby Josephine
Annunzio, Giuseppina, and Stefano
(Nunz, Josephine, and Steve)
Annie-John.jpg (114602 bytes) Nonna Mike Frank families.jpg (252615 bytes) Twins-1931.jpg (83545 bytes)
Antonina and Giovanni
(Annie and Johnny)
circa 1926
Nonna with Mike and Frank's families
The Twins, Michele and Francesco
(Mike and Frank)
ParisiBros2.jpg (285484 bytes) Parisi Brothers.jpg (490802 bytes)
Parisi Brothers
Back Row: Frank, Sam, Steve, Tony
Front Row: Nunz, Mike, John
Parisi Brothers
Back Row: Frank, Steve, Sam, Tony, John
Front Row: Nunz, Mike
Siblings1.jpg (458572 bytes) Siblings2.jpg (315103 bytes)
Brothers and Sisters (Year unknown)
Back Row: Mary, Steve, Josephine, Ann, Annunzio
Kneeling: Mike, Sam, Tony, Frank
Brothers and Sisters (Year unknown)
Standing: Frank, Annunzio, Mary, Tony, Sam, Ann, Mike
Sitting: Josephine, Steve