The Parisi Family Coat of Arms


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Origin of the Coat of Arms used on this website

I have added this page as a response to several questions I have received about  the Coat of Arms seen throughout this site (Design 1, above) by family and visitors to The design I have been using is one I purchased through a mailing I received perhaps twenty years ago through a company known for family name research, the name of which I do not recall. It was hand painted according to a detailed written description found in a genealogical registry. The paperwork that I received with the original painting, including a brief family history and name origin, has been misplaced, but I retained the original painting, which I scanned a few years ago when I started creating this site.

Out of curiosity, with the information superhighway available as a resource, I recently decided to verify the original Coat of Arms design by ordering it online from different companies. As you see in Designs 2, 3, and 4 above, each source came up with a different description of the family Arms. I'm sure there are other designs out there for Parisi that will be still different from these four. Perhaps someone else in the family has a different design in their possession. If so, I would be happy to add it to this page.

There are probably several reasons why there are various looks our (or anyone's) family Arms. Original clans may have branched off and settled in new lands and created and registered a newly designed Arms. Or maybe clans with similar surnames evolved into "Parisi," carrying over a design from their original clan name. Whatever the reason, unless we have greater knowledge of our own group ancestry, we can't be too sure what our own Coat of Arms (if one exists) really looks like. 

Disclaimer: The use of any family crest design on this website is for illustrative purposes only, is used here just for amusement, and does not necessarily recognize that design as the actual crest of our particular family. 

I welcome any feedback and suggestions about the Coat of Arms used here.